SERVICE REQUESTS - Public Works, (931) 486-1265

Grass Clippings

Bagged grass clippings are picked up weekly, the day after your regular designated garbage collection day. Grass clippings should be placed at the curb in biodegradable paper bags. This type of waste will not be picked up if placed at the curb in plastic bags. Yard waste and grass clipping bags should be no more than 40 pounds (any bags over 40 pounds will not be picked up).

Brush and Limbs

There is no longer a need to submit a request form for brush collection.

The Public Works Department's brush and limb collection route runs Tuesday – Friday. One truck runs a route on the south side (south of Duplex Road), while a second truck handles the north side of town. All brush and yard waste (except grass bags) should be placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. Please ensure branches are ten (10) feet in length or less.

Please keep in mind that the timeline for brush collection can vary depending on how much brush must be collected throughout the City within a given week. For example, if it’s a week following a thunderstorm, it can cause Public Works to collect far more brush than usual, which can often take up to two weeks to collect all brush piles. Public Works tries to collect all brush within a two-week period.

Contractors' Yard Waste/Debris
Regardless of the price residents pay, all CONTRACTORS are required to haul away their own debris. Debris may include, but not limited to, tree limbs and other yard clippings, re-modeling debris, glass windows, or doors, and broken appliances installed by someone other than the homeowner. Homeowners not in compliance may receive citations from the City Codes Department.