Irrigation Meters

Irrigation Meter Installations

To avoid paying the sewer charge on the water you use for watering your lawn or garden, you may choose to have an additional water meter installed to be used solely for irrigation. The total cost for this irrigation meter will be $3,001.65 ($1,300.00 tap fee, $1,491.00 development fee, $185.65 meter fee and a $25 backflow device permit).

These fees are due to the City of Spring Hill and do not cover the costs of installing the backflow device or the irrigation system. Please note that the City of Spring Hill does NOT install irrigation/sprinkler systems or backflow devices. This is the responsibility of the homeowner.

The City Furnishes
Homeowners Furnish
Water tap
Irrigation system
Meter setter
Installation of backflow device
Hook up to the meter
Meter box
Line from meter to system
Inspection of backflow device
(when connected and operative)

For inspection, please call Public Works at (931)486-1265. This process could take up to 7 to 10 business days.

You will be charged a minimum of $9.80 (+ county sales tax) during the months that your sprinkler system is not being used.

To obtain an irrigation meter, please complete an Irrigation Meter Form and submit it to the Spring Hill Water Department, along with your payment.  This fee can be paid with check, cash, money order or cashiers check.  A credit/debit card cannot be accepted.  The Spring Hill Water Department is located inside the Spring Hill City Hall at 199 Town Center Parkway, Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174.