Knox Box

Seconds count in a life-threatening medical emergency or a fire. Yet, often firefighters responding to an emergency find access blocked by locked entrance doors or gates. To help reduce delays in providing emergency assistance, the Spring Hill Fire Department has adopted use of the Knox Rapid Entry System.

Knox Rapid Entry System
Knox Rapid Entry System is a key box unique to the jurisdiction in which it is located. Only the Fire Department will have access to boxes used in Spring Hill. Use of the system may improve emergency service to building owners and occupants, and can result in savings by eliminating property damage due to emergency forced entry. The Spring Hill Fire Department requires a key box containing access keys to be installed at the entrance to structures or areas where access for the purpose of life safety or fire fighting is restricted.

How does it work?
  • A building owner installs a Knox key box on the exterior of the building at the main entrance point. 
  • The box is equipped with a lock that can be opened with a key that is issued solely to the Spring Hill Fire Department.
  • Emergency vehicles are equipped with one key that is held in a special security device. 
  • At the time the Knox box is installed, the building owner arranges for the Fire Department to visit their facility, inspect the access keys that will be placed inside the Knox box, and then lock the access keys inside the Knox box using the special security key. 
  • The building owner is not able to obtain a key to open the Knox box. If keys must be added or removed, an appointment must be made for the Department to visit the facility. 
  • When emergency access is required, a firefighter removes the key from the special security device in their emergency vehicle and opens the Knox box to remove the access keys.
  • After use, the Fire Department member places the access keys in the key box, and returns the special Knox box key to the security device in the vehicle.
Obtaining and installing the Knox Rapid Entry System
Knox key box entry systems are available for both commercial and residential use.
  • When an occupant chooses – or is directed – to install a key box, it is purchased from
  • The building owner is responsible for installation of the Knox key box. 
  • It must be mounted on the building exterior at a height of between five and six feet and within three feet of the Fire Department direct access point (front door, main gate).
  • Surface recessed Knox key box installations will be permitted, provided that the Knox box is clearly marked. Various sizes of the Knox box are available depending on the number of keys that need to be contained in the box. 
  • Once the Knox key box is installed, the building owner contacts the Spring Hill Fire Department during regular office hours at (615) 302-3462 to finalize the installation. 
  • The Spring Hill Fire Department will arrange for the building owner to be contacted and visited by members of the local fire station to inspect the Knox box and install the access keys.
If you have questions about requirements for the Knox Rapid Entry System, or need to schedule an appointment to finalize installation of your Knox key box, call the Spring Hill Fire Department Fire Department during regular business hours at (615) 302-3462 or email .

A Knox Box can be ordered at 1-800-552-5669 or online at and providing the Spring Hill zip code, 37174. We use is a 3200 series box for small commercial, or a 4400 series box for multiple business or strip malls.

knoxbox 3200
Commercial 4400 Series (above) and
Residential 3200 Series (below)
knoxbox 4400