Beechcroft Rd + Cleburne Rd Joint Traffic Impact Study

The purpose of the Joint Traffic Impact Study is to determine intersection improvements that will be necessary at and near the intersection of Beechcroft Road and Cleburne Road as a result of project developments that are underway or committed in the area. The study team will conduct a traffic impact study to investigate traffic impacts and identify desired improvements for the intersection of Beechcroft Rd at Cleburne Rd. The study will consider multiple subject properties as part of the traffic study. The purpose of the Joint TIS serves to prepare a consolidated traffic study by an independent, city-retained consultant that accounts for various development projects that are in various stages of completion. The TIA will be completed based on accepted industry standards and procedures on behalf of the several applicants under the supervision of the City of Spring Hill engineering and planning staff. The study will quantify, analyze and evaluate the impacts of the proposed developments. The study will culminate in the identification of proposed intersection improvements to support expected traffic growth and the assignment of estimated equitable share contributions to be provided by stakeholder development projects to facilitate the funding of the future improvements.

Presentation from 5.25.2022