Countess Roundabout

The Countess Roundabout is proposed to reshape traffic flow by making a cleaner connection between Port Royal Road, Commonwealth Drive, and Countess Lane.


The project is estimated to cost $4.5 million. The City of Spring Hill is responsible for about $2.1 million of that total cost.

The remainder of the cost is covered by several developers adjacent to the future roundabout as a result of a joint development agreement.


Resolution 22-192 was passed on September 6, 2022, approving the joint-development agreement between John Maher Builders and the City. Resolution 22-193 was also passed on September 6, 2022, authorizing the joint-development agreement with Legacy Hills.

Resolution 22-191 was passed on September 19, 2022, approving the joint-development between the City and Alaina Park Living.

The contract for the Countess Roundabout has yet to be awarded.

You can check back on this webpage for periodic updates throughout the construction process.